Corona update...

June 12, 2020

  Ok so apparently 2020 is not the year at all.

  I was dead set on picking up the pace and then: enter the corona virus.

  We've all been affected in different ways and personally I've been on lockdown in my apartment for the past 10 weeks with fevers, coughing and other pleasantries.

  To make things even more swell: I forgot the power cord for the computer I have the game on at work, so I haven't been able to make any progress.

  I downloaded the code from Bitbucket but somehow messed that up so now there's a gazillion errors in the code. It's all good though... it's perfectly fine on the computer I... well... can't use right now.

  Ok, so that's that. My short-term hiatus became a long-term one. It's still on though. Just.... not right now.

  If corona could be hurt by farts, it'd be dead and gone ages ago.




2020 will be the year...

January 14, 2020

    The game is completed! No... not really.

    But it'll be finished during 2020. No... not by any means.

    However... 2020 will be the year I really pick things up again. I can say this since I've already started to shift focus from all "important" stuff in everyday life back to the game.

    Since august I've been:

    • Refactoring code
    • Removing tons of mechanics I wrote but never used
    • Reimplemented some mechanics I wrote but then got rid of.
    • Bug hunting
    • Outlining sketches for level design
    • Tweaked the DASH function.


    Oh, the joy of it all!

    July 31 - August 27

    • Wrote the ability to dash while suited up*. It worked super well right off the bat. Except I totally forgot about collission checking while dashing. But that's easy to solve so it's working like a charm. Sort of.

    Oh how good it feels to be doing this again!

    * (The dash works when the character is in his hero suit. I wasn't in one when writing the code.)

    slightly Less Chaos

    May 20 - July 30

    • My replacement computer died. Yes, I went through two computers in the course of 2 days.
      I'm now developing on my trusted mac (don't know why I didn't do that from the beginning).

    • I moved apartment and we've just started to get things in order so that took a lot of time but I'm finally back on track. There's some kinks to work out deving cross platform but at least I'm coding again.

    • Made a new enemy. I call it "Idler". The code is in place and the mechanics is working but I haven't designed the sprite yet. I'll show it when there's something to show (other than a blue placeholder box).

    • Speaking of design! I ran into an old friend of mine on the subway and he got interested in the game. He's currently creating backgrounds for the starting areas. Hopefully he wants to do more... it'll give the world the facelift it so very badly needs! Cool stuff.
      I'll introduce him later if it turns out he actually wants to work on this with me.

    Chaos (Sorry, no updates)

    May 14 - May 20

    • My computer died in a blazing hellish inferno. I had everything backed up so that's no biggie... it took me a while to replace the computer though.
      I'm pretty much up and running again but I haven't developed anything lately. I apologize.


    April 22 - May 13

    • Been arguing a lot with the AI. It doesn't seem to think like I want it to.

    • Worked on the lighting system.


    April 16 - 21

    • Fixed player sprites when wearing the hero suit.

    • Added the ability to grab and cling on to walls midjump (while wearing the suit)

    • WiP: Made lots of progress on the new and improved enemy AI.

    • New sprite set for the new enemy type called "The Grunt".

    • Uploaded new video to instagram.

    Updates / Bugfixes

    April 9 - 15

    • Humanoids are no longer a threat to the player when in gas form.

    • HUD: Changed sprite

    • HUD: Added visual aid for numbers of jumps available.

    • Added a (rare) powerup that gives the player +1 jump. (max will be 5 jumps before having to touch solid ground and reset).

    • WiP: Started working on a new master AI for enemies.

    • Updated sprites for Checkpoints & Player.

    • Added visual for when double jumping (AKA "Tooting").


    April 4 - 7

    • Created "D-TV". (An extra viewport designed to keep track of the player when controlling Dronie.)

    • Created a first draft for the HUD.

    • Created visual for when player unlocks doors.


    April 2

    I've been working on getting this site working so I haven't written anything new. Been doing some refactoring, that's pretty much it.


    December 14 2018 - April 1 2019

    • Created and designed "Cape-mode".
    • The Dronie & the Player now changes image alpha based on who's in control.
    • Created Antifart + particles.
    • Created DRONIE the friendy poop drone.
    • Removed the GUN and the FART-LASER from play.
    • Created CONVEYOR BELT-system (with LEVER)

    • Made the FART-LASER throwable.
    • Implemented KEY CARD-system.

    • Changed all player sprites.
    • Refactored LOOT-system.
    • Changed sprite on DRONE.
    • Started working on the light system.
    • DRONE fully functional.
    • Created enemy DRONE.
    • Created intro+ cutscene system.
    • Created option to make the fart-bombs home in on enemies.
    • Created infini-gas pickup.
    • Created loot system.

    And much, much more....

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