The Under Thunder

      The Under Thunder
              Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you were a fart? How high would you soar? What places would you reach? Would you be invincible or could things hurt you despite being gas?

You are Dr. Gus Ludlow. A scientist specialized in the field of all things gas. Your brilliant mind has been highly saught after and you have always used your insight to do good.

A couple of years ago - just as you retired - you were kidnapped by the super-evil multi conglomerate "The Corporation" and locked up in one of their underground laboratories.

They ordered you to weaponize the gas generated in the intestines (yes, we're talking farts) and when you refused they threatened to hurt your only living relative: your granddaughter Edith R. Ludlow.


"OMG! Finally I get to play as a fart!"

One night, as you were tinkering with the weaponized drone you created for The Corporation, something happened.

There was an imbalance in one of the gas tanks which lead to a horrific explosion. You were engulfed in burning gas as you saw the security door close.
Sadly, you didn't make it out.


Then you woke up. You were alive.
You felt renewed. Stronger. Powerful in a way you'd never experienced before.
Alarms were blaring through out the compound. On the speakers, a voice, calling for the apprehension of Dr Ludlow.


Recently media started poking in the interests of The Corporation and with the accident they knew they needed a scapegoat.

They were all coming for you.



Bringing down The Corporation

T   H   E     E   N   E   M   I   E   S

When he's not gossiping with colleagues via his earpiece he's chasing you. Relentlessly.



A drone you developed for The Corporation. It flies around in peace until it stumbles upon someone they consider to be an enemy. Don't get to close!


This might look like an ordinary industrial fan and it is, sort of. It spurts out pure oxygen. Deadly for farts!

T   H   E     A   R   S   E   N   A   L


When you're a fart (gas form) no bullets or humanoids can harm you. Also, you can fly!


You were working on a Drone when the accident happened.

Somehow this one connected to your very core when the lab exploded. You can control it with your mind.

Dronie can shoot/drop:

Poollets & Gas bombs

+46 (0)73 90 67 100


Stockholm, Sweden

Game status

v 0.044b


12 June 2020,

Updated the devlog.

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August 2019,

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